The course was fantastic!

I spent most of 4 days with Mac Holbert at his Fine Art Digital Printmaking course at the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center in Seattle in September, 2008. The course was superb because of Mac's willingness to share his knowledge, because of the energy he brought to the teaching environment and because of his inherent creativity in the visual realm. Digital fine art printmaking involves the intersection of image editing, color management and understanding the realm of paper. You will benefit from Mac's expertise if you have some knowledge of Photoshop/Lightroom: at least basic knowledge of layers, masks and blending modes. If you are accomplished at these LR/PS tasks, well then you have an opportunity to benefit even more from more advanced aspects of Mac's creative knowledge and insight. As long as you have a reasonable understanding of how to create images in which you have interest, taking the time to learn from Mac Holbert will improve your ability to present your images on paper... or in any other medium.... guaranteed.

Michael Stadius