This is one of the best workshops I have taken in any field of expertise during my entire life ...

This is one of the best workshops I have taken in any field of expertise during my entire life ... and I've been teaching and taking workshops for a quite while!

What made it so good and why should you not miss out on taking this workshop if you get a chance?

- The excellent in-depth knowledge of the instructor. You could tell within minutes that R. Mac Holbert is at the top of his field and that he achieved his knowledge through years of "in the trenches" practical experience and a great passion for creating the best possible digital fine art output from any given image.

- All of the most important conceptual information was presented on the first day, giving us a great foundation for the rest of the workshop, which was spent in the practical application of this material on our own images.

- Mac is also a great teacher both in his classroom presentations and in his one-on-one work with students. He helped us to really see our own images and to analyze them. He asked us what we wanted to improve about them, and to discover additional things that could make our images better. He then showed us techniques for getting the absolute best out of our own photographic work.

- It was inspiring to see where we started with images that, of course, we thought were some of our best, or ones that we had been struggling with, and to see the quantum leap they could make after analyzing them and applying techniques we learned in the workshop. Mac also used student images to demonstrate advanced techniques in the presentation sections of the workshop. When we compared the before and after versions all we could say was "Wow!"

So, if you want to get the very best you can from the images that you have captured in your own unique style and you want yourself and others to say "Wow!" and be moved by them once they've been optimized, then take this workshop!

Susie Parrent